How can I use Polandio as a beginner?

Polandio works great for beginners. It’s a fact.

Which materials should I use?

I’m sure you’ll find a proper level for you. Mind that…

  • the news of difficulty 0/10 are for absolute beginners. You can use them if it’s your first day with the Polish language. The words in these texts are very limited, only the easiest words are used and the words repeat frequently in the text. This is a perfect environment for total beginners. Consider these materials during your first weeks or months with Polish;
  • the news of difficulty 1/10 use basic vocabulary, but they already require some knowledge of Polish. They’re all written in the present tense, so they’ll be a good match for you if you’ve already spent at least a few weeks with Polish;
  • the news of difficulty 2/10 are all written in the present tense too. They use common words, but many of them are not that basic and you will surely learn a lot with these texts;
  • 3/10 and higher difficulties use the full monty of the Polish grammar. The lower levels have got more repetition of the same words, the higher levels present more difficult materials, but more natural on the other hand.

How to use Polandio efficiently as a beginner?

The whole method I recommend for you is described in a special article: The classic comprehensible input – for beginners.